Our Story

About Us

At Sherwood Garden Home Fragrances, we strive to create the highest quality handmade home fragrance products. Our nostalgic range of classic and uplifting fragrances provide a superior scent that will fill your space with a joyful ambience. Whether you like to reminisce the past, enjoy the moment or dream of the future, our fragrances will take you there.

We also source the highest quality essential oils, diffusers and fragrance warmers from within Australia and the USA.

Our Story

I have always had a love for fragrance products and for creating handmade items. In 2013, after my son was born, I decided to learn a new hobby and combine these two loves. I then started to research and experiment with soy wax candles. After many years of working in the Beauty industry managing luxury brands, I decided in 2014 to embark on a new journey by starting my own business to share my new creations. We are now a Wife and Husband team based in Sydney Australia, working together to share our dream.

Our name Sherwood Garden Home Fragrances was inspired by the name of the street where I grew up as well as my Grandmother’s garden full of beautiful plants, flowers and fruit trees. These memories have had a great influence on the scents I have chosen for our products. Alot of our products also have a strong tropical influence from my early years of growing up in Hawaii.

Our Ingredients

We only use premium grade fragrance oils and 100% pure essential oils in our home fragrance products. Our soy wax products are made using our custom-blended soy wax sourced from natural soybean and vegetable oils, which are free from harmful toxins. After years of researching and testing, I created this unique blend to give a longer lasting burn time and superior scent throw. Our soy candles also contain lead-free cotton wicks and natural wood wicks.